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OneBusAway is open-source software, which makes it easy for the community to develop and add new features. If you are interested in bringing OneBusAway to your city, check out our guide on expanding OneBusAway.  Also check out our linking / branding guidelines.

If you are a developer interested in improving OneBusAway, check out our Google code page or read our guide to hacking OneBusAway.

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About Us

This site was originally put together by Brian Ferris, a grad student in Computer Science & Engineering at the University of Washington. Brian developed this site after too many late nights in the rain, wondering if the 44 would ever come.

Brian's partner-in-crime is Kari Watkins, a Civil Engineering grad student also at UW. Kari does research on understanding why people do and don't take transit with the goal of getting more people to switch to a friendlier mode. You can typically find her riding any number of buses in North Seattle (65, 75, 30, 74, 71) with a little girl on each arm.

OneBusAway also supports research at the University of Washington. Check out our research page for more information.

Thanks to Nokia Research and the National Science Foundation under Grant IIS-0705898 for financially helping to support this project!

Thanks also to all our other supporters. Specifically, thanks to our advisors at UW for being supportive of OneBusAway: Alan Borning, Dieter Fox, Scott Rutherford, and Paul Waddell. Thanks to all our friends at UW and beyond who have used OneBusAway and given us feedback. Thanks to Adam and Evan for their feedback on this site in the early days and their general interest in transit hacking.

Are you interested in hacking tools to make mass transit a little less painful? We've got some crazy ideas but only so many hours in the day. Drop us an email if you'd like to join forces.