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Simple Login

"Where do I type my username and password?"

If you're like us, you probably have accounts for websites all over the web, including some of the popular sites listed above. Instead of making you remember one more username and password for our site, we want to let you login with an account you already have.

Using technologies like OpenID and OAuth, you can safely and securely login and verify your identity to our site and others on the web using your existing account.

"How do I login?"

Click one of the login providers shown above, and you'll be taken to that site, where you can login with your existing username and password. Then you'll be redirected back here.

"What about my privacy?"

We don't share any information about you or your usage of OneBusAway with any of the login providers listed above. We also don't request any information other than your authenticated user id from any of the listed login providers. Your privacy is important to us and we'll do our best to protect your private information.